Day Tripper

August 21, 2014
Day Tripper

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently had some time off. Rather than go away anywhere (don’t mention holidays abroad to me, it’s a sore point. I’ve had a seven year drought as far as sunny climes are concerned, exempting work trips which 100% do not count) we stayed put and planned a week of day trips and activities just like those grandparents who ‘keep themselves active’. 

As part of the week off, I challenged by boyfriend to wear a different t-shirt everyday because, despite not being massively into clothes, he has about a million of them but wears approximately 10%. In line with this, I thought I’d better wear something different each day too, which was surprisingly difficult. 

Over the last few months I’ve either donated or sold around half of the contents of my wardrobe. It means I wear more of what I have because I can actually see it but it also means I definitely rely on favourite items or outfits more than I thought, as demonstrated above by the recurring lemon print jacket and faux fur bag which I apparently just can’t stop wearing. 

It’s left me with that ‘ughhh I’ve got nothing to wear’ feeling upon opening up a wardrobe quite literally full of clothes. Obviously this is a ridiculous, very modern day, consumerist problem that I don’t really like to admit to, and rather than just go and throw money at a bunch of disposable anything (something I’ve been consciously avoiding doing) I plan to combat it with styling rather than shopping, and be more creative with what I have. 

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