On and Poppin’

August 1, 2014
On and Poppin’

For those of you who don’t know what the title is all about, let me refer you to this link and the gif below. I’ve been rocking a ‘mono or two recently and can’t wear one without instantly reliving that scene. Kimonos have been big news for a good while now. You can’t picture a festival, or any summer event for that matter, without thinking of kimonos; they’ve been propping up high street profits for seasons and I can’t see the trend waning any time soon. I’m not a huge fan of the high street incarnation however (sheer, and tassel-y essentially), I prefer the more traditional style, à la Schmidt.

Rather than accessorising mine only with a pair of muscular thighs, though, I layer mine  up considerably more and utilise them to inject more print and colour without having the heaviness of jacket. They’re a dream for someone like me who always feels an outfit just needs something more. My pink dressing gown sat in my sewing pile for about a year before I realised it was lovely just as it was, whereas the other two featured here needed some work. The short purple bird print piece had to be thoroughly shaved with a Bic to rid if of all its bobbles (stylist tip there for you) and the green dress had ink stains all over so needed soaking for hours and then had to be altered and stitched into submission to hide any of more stubborn stains.

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