Editorial: Inner Child

July 27, 2015
Editorial: Inner Child

I haven’t published any behind the scenes posts or editorials for a while now. Possibly because I used to do it quite a lot and I worried it would get a little repetitive, but I think it’s been long enough to have surpassed any chance of that being the case now, so…

‘Inner Child’ was shot in a tiny studio with tiny windows on what was almost certainly the hottest and sunniest day of the year so far. Grief for the loss of a rare sunny day aside, it was a fun shoot with lots of weird and wonderful clothes and props which you could say injected all the sunshine we needed into the day. You could also say that the team were their own little rays of sunshine. Not the kind of sunshine that you can frolic in, but sunshine nonetheless.

We were joined on the day by three new friends that were created as part of Rebecca Carrington’s incredible collection. The three creatures you see below (‘Dream’ the parrot, ‘Lola Child’, and ‘Kid’ the dog) are the products of the magical tale of Ruby Ribbon; around which Rebecca’s collection was designed. Alongside Rebecca’s collection, we had beautiful pleats and layers courtesy of Sonia Wan, mesh and ironic statements from Marianne Auvinet Gould, and sheer slips and luscious lashes from Niamh Maguire.

The whole thing was shot on film and, as is usual when Lucie and I shoot together, we coaxed our model into a whole host of unusual poses. Luckily Ella, our model for the day, practices yoga regularly so wasn’t phased by getting down on all fours in the name of fashion. The shoot was very much based on movement, awkwardness and, believe it or not, the concept of an Inner Child.

The resulting editorial has been published by Sicky Magazine. See a few sneak peeks below.

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