In Search of Content

May 4, 2016
In Search of Content
Writing something meaningful to accompany an outfit photo isn’t always an easy task. Often, I (my patient boyfriend) will take a photo of a particularly good outfit when we’re out and about with the intention of banking it for a later blog post. But unless I’ve shot the outfit with a specific post in mind, it’s difficult to write anything of substance that I think any sane person would care to read about.

Does anyone care that I liked my shoes last Thursday and want to see thirteen almost identical photos of me to demonstrate that? I doubt it. Or maybe they do and the same crippling sense of self awareness which has me forever hovering over the ‘Tweet’ button thinking ‘who really wants to know what I just watched/ate/listened to?’ prohibits me from indulging in lighthearted blog-based discourse. But, social media anguish aside, we live in the era of content, and content = page views. This is why the internet is saturated with posts such as this:

How amazing is this [insert item] from [insert brand who sent me it for free]?! I wore it last night to [sponsored event] and it got sooooo many compliments! I’ll defo be wearing it all summer [it will be on depop next week].

It’s quick, easy and doesn’t say very much.This works for some but not for me, and it’s why those banked photos usually remain banked in favour of more focused posts. I want to write the same kind of blog I want to read.

I will read about the history of the colour orange. I will scroll through your post about how platform shoes saved your life. I have literally read an in depth personal essay about the prevalence of buttons in the writer’s life. However frivolous, vacuous or materialistic some people think fashion is, I will never dismiss it as a mindless pursuit. I’m interested in the creative value of fashion; how style impacts confidence and changes perceptions. I’m interested in up and coming designers with boundless talent and the sustainable labels who are fighting back against fast fashion. It doesn’t have to be serious but it’s certainly not stupid. Man Repeller sums up my position on fashion perfectly in their twitter bio: “Where an interest in fashion never minimises one’s intellect”

So, I might not be able to post every single outfit highlight on here, but I will at least try to post with purpose. And I can always just stick all my outfits together in a collage at a later date…

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