No Sew T-Shirt DIY: The One-Shoulder T-Shirt

July 29, 2016
No Sew T-Shirt DIY: The One-Shoulder T-Shirt

It takes 2720 litres of water to make a single t-shirt. To put that into perspective, that’s how much we drink over the course of 3 years. And yet we churn them out at an alarming rate. We’re swimming in the things. Generally they’re cheap to buy, which means they’re one of the most disposable items in our wardrobe. It only takes a trip to your local charity shop to see how many t-shirts are thrown by the wayside: Jenny’s Hen Do Magaluf 2011, band merch, obscure American sports teams; the list goes on.

So, to save our planet, charity shops and pyjama drawers from the burden of unworn t-shirts, I’m bringing you two no sew DIY projects to bring new life to those jersey cast-offs. Here’s the first…

The One-Shoulder T-Shirt

The off-the-shoulder top is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends for SS16 but, let’s face it, once a trend hits the rails in ASDA, its days are numbered. So, in light of this, I see your off-the-shoulder top and I raise you a one-shoulder t-shirt. It provides all of the shoulder liberation (well, half) with none of the worry about your Mum turning up in the same outfit.

To make the one-shoulder t-shirt you will need:
– A t-shirt
– A pair of scissors
– Chalk or a washable marker

Step 1
Using your chalk or marker, draw a line from one side to the other, starting just under the neckline and ending just under the armhole.
Step 2
Cut along the line (save the spare sleeve for later).
Step 3
Cut along the side seam of the armless side.
Step 4
Create ties at the top, middle and bottom of the t-shirt by cutting 5-10cm inwards (depending on desired fit) and cutting away the excess fabric as shown. Measure for accuracy, or approximate like I did and get it ever so slightly wrong. The choice is yours.
Step 5 (Extra credit)
Snip the bottom 10cm off the bottom of the spare sleeve to wear as a matching cuff or choker.

Step 6
Now, tie those sides, put on that choker and live your truth as the pulled together, co-ordinated individual you always knew you were.
This feature originally appeared on Sistrhood.

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Amanda March 7, 2018 - 7:22 AM

That is some incredible beautiful work! You are so talented and have great taste. I enjoyed over reading your blog post. Your blog have nice information and I got good ideas. Thanks for sharing.

sophiebenson March 18, 2018 - 4:34 PM

Thank you Amanda!


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