November 4, 2016

Despite my best intentions, I haven’t yet formally declared my undying love for crochet on this blog. If I could, I would live out my days in a large yet not ostentatious, semi-minimal/semi-cosy loft, crocheting under a blanket with my cat on my lap.

There’s nothing quite as soothing as the process of making something from nothing (well, yarn). And, the added bonus is that busy hands mean I sidestep that now almost instinctive itch to grab my phone and scroll through Instagram or read article after article about brave dogs recovering from a hard start in life (although the latter is arguably a great way to pass the time too). I started just over three years ago by following a granny square tutorial on YouTube and I’ve been hooked (sorry) ever since.

From watching videos to learning how to follow patterns, to then developing my own patterns and designs, I slowly built up my craft and inflicted it upon my loved ones by crocheting almost every birthday and Christmas gift for the past three years. But, aside from gifts and those triangle crop tops that, much like a re-aggregating sponge, become a single moving mass each year at Coachella, crochet is very much a winter thing. Scarves, gloves, hats, jumpers, it’s all autumn/winter-focused and I wanted to create something that I could wear all year. That’s when I discovered jersey yarn.

Created from textile off-cuts in order to minimise waste, jersey yarn is bold, chunky and fun to work with. So, after stocking up I opened my shop.


Crocheting gives me the freedom to make whatever I’m in the mood for, rather than waiting to find it online or in a shop. Last year I wanted a chunky, colour block scarf. Instead of buying one, I made my own that no one else will have. A few weeks ago, I fancied a mini, multi coloured handbag, so I found the perfect marble handles and set to work. I’ve spoken before about our need to reconnect with making in order to truly value what we wear and crocheting certainly helps with that. 

In a sudden wave of appreciation for my own craftiness, I decided to style an outfit around my two favourite crocheted accessories; the first chunky ring necklace I ever made and my most recent project: the aforementioned mini handbag. The handbag is highly impractical as I have to carry two enormous EpiPens with me wherever I go but what does that matter when it’s so deliciously bright? The tones were perfect for pairing with my new vintage skirt which I found in a Berlin charity shop for just €8. I added my favourite pink boots and, hey presto, an outfit worth rounding up my boyfriend and his camera for. 

So, to sum up, crochet 4eva. IDST. 

If you’d like me to crochet something for you, head over to the Colours May Vary Shop.



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