A Completely Selfish Christmas Gift Guide

December 21, 2016
A Completely Selfish Christmas Gift Guide

I had intended to write a series of festive posts but, in the face of pre-Christmas deadlines, I found myself bereft of the energy and, frankly, the will. My Christmas spirit peaked somewhere around early to mid November, as I began to diligently craft a selection of decorations, visions of transforming my flat into a multi-coloured wonderland in my mind. Unfortunately it has since dropped off into oblivion, much like the pound.

But, in the spirit of…getting into the spirit, I’ve decided to create a completely selfish Christmas gift guide based entirely on my own interests. The hope is that if you read this blog you surely have the same interests as me and so, in turn, this will become your own personal gift guide. If not, there’s a picture of my cat for you to enjoy. Speaking of which…


Jumpers: Gucci, Jacket, trousers, dress: Stella McCartney, Cat: Literal perfection

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that my cat Vashka is my one true love. Seeing as she can’t, unfortunately, grace all of my clothes, I’ll have to make do with a wardrobe full of Stella McCartney and Gucci I suppose. After the trend bubbling under the surface for a few seasons, we reached peak cat in AW16 and I’m happy to press pause and set up camp there. Wrap me in Stella’s soft, dusky cat prints; swathe me in Gucci’s bold feline motifs; let me live as my authentic, cat-loving self from here until eternity. Side note: Vashka has earnt a place on the collage too, of course, because she’s a gift to the world.


Earrings and brooch: Lou Taylor, Bangle: Georgia Perry, Necklace: Aliyah Hussain

If clothes are my lifeblood then jewellery is the heartbeat that keeps everything flowing. If ever I’m not feeling my outfit, a pair of huge earrings or an over sized, plastic cuff will always turn a ‘not sure’ into a surefire winner. As with the rest of my wardrobe, colour is the name of the game when it comes to choosing a new piece to add to my collection; the brighter the better. Throw an abstract shape in the mix to sweeten the deal and I’m sold.


Bag and shoes: Stella McCartney, Coat: Shrimps

This year, after being a vegetarian for 16 years, I turned vegan. Obviously this impacted my wardrobe and materials such as leather, silk and wool are now off my shopping list (real fur always has been). In a dream world, Stella McCartney would stop using wool and silk and I’d buy all of my clothes from her. In the same dream world, I’d also have to be outrageously wealthy in order to afford £500+ trousers and £1000+ dresses, sigh. Until I inhabit said dream world, however, other, less gut-wrenchingly expensive vegan options abound as long as I am (or the person fulfilling my wishlist is) willing to check every single label and do a little research beforehand. From Shrimps’ whimsical faux fur to Matt & Nat’s clean lines and understated luxury, there are plenty of vegan treats worthy of a spot under the tree.

Now, I’m going to go and eat my weight in vegan chocolate and watch Elf.


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