It Was Summer for a Weekend: Here’s What I Wore

April 13, 2017
It Was Summer for a Weekend: Here’s What I Wore

In a somewhat unprecedented move, summer happened last weekend. Of course, it’s gone now and it’s only a matter of time before the Christmas adverts come on, but for one glorious 48 hour stretch, summer happened and it reminded us all that we have ankles and shoulders and inner happiness.

As it crept up on us with precisely no warning, I imagine half the population spent Saturday morning stood in their underwear, peering into their wardrobes, wondering what to wear in the absence of the easy option of teaming a gigantic coat with a look of resignation. That’s exactly the predicament I found myself in. Warm weather is so fleeting that whenever it occurs, we have to completely reboot our sartorial systems in order to cope with the prospect of sun on our skin. Some people take it very far, very quickly (case in point: the men in rolled up denim shorts and nip-skimming vests); others know they’ve been hurt before and so bravely persevere with puffer coats, safe in the knowledge it’s only a matter of time before everyone else joins them again too. I hit somewhere in the middle ground, suspicious of the weather’s intentions yet wildly keen to embrace it wherever possible.

Armed with a healthy dose of pessimism, I wasn’t quite ready to commit to anything as radical as bare arms or exposed toes. Instead, it felt like the perfect opportunity to pair up two things I’d been waiting for warmer weather to wear. One was the dress that I recently took on a spin through all four seasons in a bid to prove to myself it wasn’t a frivolous purchase. The other was a Fila polo my boyfriend bought me for Christmas. I was going to do the obvious top-under-dress strategy but this polo has a trompe l’oeil pocket and wayfarers which would be criminal to hide, so I flipped it and went top-over-dress. Life starts when you step out of your comfort zone, guys.

I topped it off with my new-to-me leopard print cardigan and an ancient belt that I’ve often considered donating but always comes in handy. Clearly, this was all far too tonal, so I stuck on a pair of turquoise loafers, grabbed my plastic basket and a summer outfit was born.


Emerging from beneath the shroud of the winter coat is an event worth celebrating with copious amounts of accessories. Never one to scrimp on the details, I popped a naked lady pin on my lapel and loaded up my wrists with a pleasing selection of bejewelled paraphernalia, happy that the world could see them for a change.

Despite the initial panic and struggle, we all get into the swing of warm weather dressing pretty quickly. We settle into a style rhythm, with light layers, sandals and floaty silhouettes setting the tone, only to have to go crawling back to our coats mere days later, embarrassed at having being lulled into a false sense of security by the sunshine once again.

Sunshine is the cheating boyfriend we instantly forgive when he rocks up with a bunch of flowers and a knowing smile. Things will change. There will be sandals, slip dresses, we’ve even been planning a straw hat! But unfortunately, you know how this story ends. With heartbreak. Before I knew it, I was back in boots, jeans and a jumper, but at least I have the memories of the short but sweet summer of 2017. Unless it comes back. In which case I’ll be stood by my wardrobe, ready to emotionally invest again without a second thought.

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