Catch Me on the Vulva La Revolution Podcast

July 26, 2017
Catch Me on the Vulva La Revolution Podcast

Sometimes, when I’m scrolling past the tenth ’20 things to buy from Zara this season’-style shopping feature that week or reading a rejection of a sustainable fashion-focused pitch because the subject was ‘already tackled during Fash Rev week’, I feel utterly disheartened and wonder whether what I have to say has any value whatsoever. In the face of loyalty to big brand advertisers and society’s seemingly unbreakable bond with fast fashion, it’s easy to feel excluded from the industry at large and I begin to wonder why I do what I do; if it would be easier to give up and follow the path of least resistance. 

I was having one of those mornings when an email from Esther, the woman behind the Vulva La Revolution podcast, landed in my inbox, inviting me on as her next guest. I sent a gushy response thanking her for brightening my day and caring about what I have to say and we organised a date. 

Vulva La Revolution is, if the name didn’t give you a hint, a podcast that celebrates women from a distinctly feminist angle. Alongside her guests, Esther tackles the tampon tax, mental health, abortion, homelessness, sexuality and myriad other topics affecting modern women.

Given that, on average, 80% of garment workers are women, sustainable fashion is inherently a feminist issue, so I settled down on Esther’s sofa to talk about the ins and outs of the industry. It was much less terrifying than I imagined and after hearing my own voice, I can now see exactly why no one ever believes that I’m from Yorkshire. Listen in below…

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