5 Minutes With… Proclaim

September 15, 2017
5 Minutes With… Proclaim

Five Minutes With… is a regular series spotlighting vibrant, innovative, sustainably-focused brands so you can get to know the best and brightest in the industry, even if you only have a quick coffee break to spare. This time we’re spending five minutes with Shobha Philips, founder of Proclaim.

How would you describe Proclaim to someone in a hurry?
Proclaim makes inclusive nude bras out of plastic water bottles in San Francisco.

How did the idea for the brand come to life?
As a woman with brown skin, I was always frustrated trying to find a nude bra that matched my skin tone. As a conscious consumer, I wanted to solve this problem in a way that considered the environmental and social impacts of production. I spent almost a year researching manufacturing and fabric options to create a product that I hope women can feel good in and feel good about.

Who makes your underwear?
I’m proud that our bras are made at a facility in San Francisco that pays livable wages and provides safe working conditions. By producing locally we’re able to work closely with the manufacturer and have transparency in our supply chain.

How do plastic bottles become bras?
Plastic water bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is BPA-free. In the recycling process, the bottles are sterilized and turned into small flakes. These flakes are then heated and spun to form strings of yarn which are knitted into our recycled polyester (rPET). The fabric is then cut and sewn into Proclaim bras.

I spent a year researching manufacturing and fabric options to create a product that I hope women can feel good in and feel good about.

Tell us about your packaging.
It was very important to me that sustainability is woven into every aspect of Proclaim. From our poly mailers to our tissue paper and hang tags, we use only Made in USA 100% recycled materials that are in turn 100% recyclable. The poly mailer is also designed to be reused with a dual adhesive strip for resealing.

And finally… how can Proclaim customers make their bras last?
Simply by following the instructions on our care label. Hand wash in cold water and hand dry or lay flat to dry.

Join the nude revolution and visit Proclaim to get your own ethically-produced bra, fresh from sunny San Francisco. You’ll be helping to divert plastic bottles from landfill and you’ll be eternally comfortable. There’s no downside. 

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Erin (garage couture clothes) September 21, 2017 - 8:16 AM

Cute bras and I like that they are recycled (of course), but the fact that they come in array of skin tones is the best!

sophiebenson September 21, 2017 - 9:05 AM

It just makes so much sense to acknowledge that nude isn’t a single colour!


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