A Brand New SOPHIEBENSON.COM: What’s It All About?

September 1, 2017
A Brand New SOPHIEBENSON.COM: What’s It All About?

Oh, hi, welcome. It’s nice to have you but please take your shoes off. OK. So, this is my new website!

I write this introduction with the strained expression of someone who’s spent untold hours deleting line after frustrating line of utterly unnecessary Blogger code. Why did I bother doing that? Partly because Blogger is an untold mess of absurd coding and every single bit of it needed fixing before I moved everything over to its new home. But mainly because I felt it was so important to carve out a space in which to talk about the type of fashion that actually means something to me that I voluntarily spent my evenings making my eyes so tired I’ve had to give up and actually wear my glasses every day. See? >>>

This website is a meeting point of my portfolio and my blog, which were previously two separate entities. But I am not two separate entities, so this is where it all comes together. You can take a peek at my most recently published articles, scroll through my styling work and keep up with what I’m wearing, what I’m saying and which brands I love all in one place. This website is me setting my intentions and laying out exactly what kind of fashion industry I want to be a part of. 

I don’t want to be part of a fashion industry that threatens people’s health and existence, or one that harms and kills people. I don’t want to be part of a fashion industry that depletes our planet’s resources, that steals water, that contaminates crops, that pollutes. 

I want to be part of a fashion industry that puts kindness, humanity and responsibility before profit, so you won’t find fast fashion or overloaded seasonal wishlists here. Instead you’ll find brands that build upon a foundation of solid ethics and true sustainability; whether they’re innovating recycled materials, partnering with fair trade factories, championing zero waste design processes or putting the breaks on ever-accelerating manufacturing times.

You’ll also get industry insights, in-depth looks at the murkier corners of the industry, DIY projects, vintage and second hand style and anything else that makes this whole thing a bit more accessible. And it will all be served up in the boldest, brightest way possible because I’m adamant that sustainable, ethical fashion can and does exist outside of the clean, muted, capsule wardrobe aesthetic we’ve all come to expect. If minimalism works for you, there will still be plenty to discover and love. And if, like me, maxed out is more your thing, consider this the place to find exactly that underscored with a generous helping of fresh thinking. 

Fashion should never come at the expense of people or the planet but a lifestyle that accounts for the protection of them doesn’t have to be absent of fashion. Kindness doesn’t have to come with a uniform. Print, colour, texture and, importantly, creativity all have a place within a consciously curated wardrobe. 


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