5 Minutes With… Zuri

October 15, 2017
5 Minutes With… Zuri

Five Minutes With… is a regular series spotlighting vibrant, innovative, sustainably-focused brands so you can get to know the best and brightest in the industry, even if you only have a quick coffee break to spare. This time we’re spending five minutes with Sandra, one half of Zuri. Run with friend and business partner Ashleigh, Zuri is the brand that makes just one dress.

How would you describe Zuri to a complete stranger?
#justonedress made in Kenya that’s super comfy and feels and looks amazing.

How did the brand come to be?
We met at a wedding! I was wearing the dress, Ashleigh loved it, a friendship was born and the rest is history.

Tell us the story behind the name.
Zuri is the root word for ‘mzuri’, which means ‘good’ in Swahili. We hope that there’s goodness in every aspect of what we do. We like the motto: look good, feel good, do good.

Who makes your clothes?
We work with a couple of manufacturers in Kenya. The main one is an ethical manufacturer located in Nakuru, central Kenya. They also have their own Farm To Fashion program, helping farmers growing organic cotton in Uganda to increase yields for knit textile production.

Why just one dress?
It’s all you need! We love the idea of simplifying your life, starting with your closet. You can wear this dress all the time, for every occasion and season.

Zuri is the root word for ‘mzuri’, which means ‘good’ in Swahili. We hope that there’s goodness in every aspect of what we do.

How do you make Zuri sustainable?
Part of the inspiration for making a single dress was seeing all the second hand clothing that has clogged markets across East Africa, effectively eliminating local textile manufacturing and clothing production. By investing in clothes that you really love, we’ll reduce waste and support local economies.

And finally… if you had to choose just one print, which one would it be?
I can’t! I love them all in their own unique ways.

Visit the Zuri shop to take a peek at their latest prints. Their ethical manufacturing partners put community, sustainable livelihoods, conservation, women’s empowerment, education and job creation front and centre. In return, you get a dress that will draw adoring glances from every man/woman/child/dog you pass. And if you fall in love with one, don’t hesitate because they don’t stick around for long.

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Erin (garage couture clothes) October 16, 2017 - 7:02 AM

It’s amazing how the prints totally change the dress. Very pretty.


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