5 Minutes With… Nude Ethics

February 25, 2018
5 Minutes With… Nude Ethics

Five Minutes With… is a regular series spotlighting vibrant, innovative, sustainably-focused brands so you can get to know the best and brightest in the industry, even if you only have a quick coffee break to spare. This time we’re spending five minutes with Nude Ethics, a sustainable label and online shop considerately run by Jessica Bailey.

How would you describe Nude Ethics to someone in a hurry?
Nude Ethics is a minimal clothing brand that focuses on affordable organic products and fair production. 

How did the brand come to life?
I started focusing on natural cosmetics and organic food. This naturally progressed into the choices I made for all of my purchases. I really struggled to find fairly made clothing at an affordable price so it seemed like it made sense to create my own store.

Who makes the Nude Ethics collections?
I order blank organic garments from ethical suppliers in Germany; one company called Continental Clothing and one called Stanley & Stella. Once I have these, they get screen printed or embroidered at my day job in Cornwall. I work for Blackwater Studios in the day (got to pay my rent!) so making the designs there helps me keep prices low.

I think once you’re sustainable, it’s pretty easy to stay that way.

Following trends: yes or no?
Yes, but only timeless trends. I feel like I’m pretty good at spotting a trend that will become a staple. I enjoy designing so I get excited by the next thing.

How do you stay sustainable?
I can easily monitor where my garments are being made – especially when they’re made right in front of me. Every garment is made in such small quantities that I couldn’t waste anything, even if I tried. I think once you’re sustainable, it’s pretty easy to stay that way.

How do you choose the other labels you sell?
I found ARCA and Millie & Lou through Instagram as they have a similar aesthetic to mine. They make pieces that I’d love to be able to make, but could never find the time or the resources to do so. It’s so hard to choose though. I should have some more new brands when the store develops but it’s so important that I know exactly how these garments are being made.

And finally, if you could choose one piece in stock right now to wear forever, what would it be?
The ‘Arch’ t-shirt. I couldn’t pick a colour though. I always wear a t-shirt and this design has the right amount of detail for me. It’s a way of dressing for comfort without looking boring. I think I basically just design what I want to wear.

I’m pretty confident Jessica designs what you’ll want to wear, too. Her pared back illustrations and wear-with-everything colour palettes are the stuff that enduring wardrobes are made of. Head over to the Nude Ethics store to shop both the in-house collection and the carefully selected brands in stock.

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