I’m a freelance journalist working with a focus on sustainable fashion, the environment and consumerism.

I write for publications like The Guardian, The Independent, Dazed, Raconteur, Huffpost and WGSN, covering everything from garment workers’ rights and greenwashing to secondhand shopping and consumer behaviour. You can find a selection of my published articles here

Unsettled by the ever-quickening pace of production and unsatisfied with the human and environmental cost of fashion, I aim to promote a different vision of the industry. One that exists within planetary boundaries, that doesn’t exploit those at the bottom of the chain, and that flourishes upon creativity and innovation.

I believe in the power of binding legislation to evoke sweeping change, rather than placing the blame for everything at individuals’ feet, so if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll often see me calling brands out for not doing their fair share of the leg work, or even a fraction of their fair share, for that matter.

This all sounds quite serious, but I also think fashion should be fun. Sustainable fashion doesn’t only exist within the parameters of clean lines, muted tones and basic capsule wardrobes. It can be as creative, vibrant and expressive as you want to it be and – I hope – I’m walking proof of that. 

When I’m not trying to balance the serious business of sustainability with the fun stuff, I work as a part time fashion lecturer, spend as much time as I can at my allotment, crochet, and treat my cat Vashka like a queen.

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